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Greenary​​​, Grass ​a​nd Gardens Oh My!

To go indoors or outdoors that is the question most brides seem to be asking themselves. Well ladies, you can delete those weather guessing apps and stop making your pros and cons lists, 2019 is all about bringing the outdoors indoors. So if you're dreaming of a getting married in a garden or under lush green trees but worried about that unpredictable weather (yes Upstate New York brides I'm talking to you) you're going to want to keep reading.

So before I dive into this trend, which happens to be one of my personal favorites, let's talk about where and how it all started. Well if you were one of the millions of people glued to their TV screens last May 18th of last year you know where I am going with this....yes everyone if you couldn't guess I am talking about the Royal Wedding...need I say more? Okay so if for some wild reason you didn't catch the highlights or don't share my enthusiasm and fascination with British Monarchy (hello The Crown on Netflix) I'll set the scene for you. An aisle lined with gorgeous green trees, a baby's breath floral installation for the ages, and a bridal bouquet made of wildflowers...come on who needs an outdoor wedding when you can create all that indoors? If that scene of design magic didn't sell you on taking your outdoor vision indoors how no heels stuck in the grass, the modern day marvel which is central air, and no last-minute rain plans...SOLD.

Even though Meghan Markle has re-sparked our dreams of one day snagging a royal I do understand that type of venue transformation doesn't fit into most of our less royal American budgets, but don't you worry there are lots of ways to get this look without the Kensington Palace event team! So let's begin shall we?

First Things First: Floral Choices

As you can imagine florals play a huge role in achieving this look, because let's face it a garden without flowers seems a little wrong am I right? Think lush greenery, natural toned flowers, and lots of trees and branches. Instead of choosing structured floral arrangements, think more along the lines of organic and lush foliage. The more organic, lush and neutral you go the more authentic your venue and arguments will feel. Let the use of foliage, greenery, and branches take center stage of your floral elements. If you're in need of some inspiration take a stroll through a local park or of course you can hit up my go-to for any and all information...Google. Feeling inspired? Okay great now let's talk about execution.

The Ceremony Space:

Couples rejoice you no longer have to sacrifice the aesthetics of an outdoor ceremony by moving the celebrations indoors! With these designs ideas you can have it all...comfort, elegance and that whimsical feel you've been dreaming about. Let's take a cue from the Duchess herself and start with the aisle. To give your ceremony space the true outdoor feel we're trying to create start from the ground up, literally. Line the aisle with ample amounts of greenery. You can go keep it simplistic and use a simple and elegant blend of Italian Ruscus or if you're going for a more lush and full look try adding mosses to the mix. Mixing mosses and ferns together will give the space a true outdoor feel and almost mimic a garden floor. Whether you go simple or more extravagant any amount of greenery on your aisle will give you a whimsical, romantic and most importantly a natural feel. Like I mentioned above the key to nailing this trend is keeping it authentic. To give the aisle an even more dramatic feel add lush green trees at the start or end. This will give it that WOW factor and truly make your guests feel like their walking into a garden, no matter the venue.

So now you have your aisle locked down let's take about the archway. Inside of going with a classic pipe and drape style

backdrop instead opt for a more rustic style archway. Think woods and natural materials versus drapery and structure. One of my personal favorite recent trends is rounded archways. This style arch is perfect for giving your ceremony space a little modern twist and in my option almost looks like a gazebo you would find in a park. To give it even more of a WOW factor you can wrap it greenery and add in florals. Or keep it simple with a wooden archway with some hanging flowers and vines. If you're more of a bohemian babe versus a garden princess you can go with natural grasses versus green foliage. Pampas grass looks incredibly romantic when used to decorate arches and aisles and will work great with a neutral color scheme. With a ceremony space like that who needs a garden am I right?

Reception Space:

And now for the grand finally your reception space. The goal with any reception space to keep the feel from your ceremony and transition that feel into your reception design. So taking a cue from what we talked about above think natural, natural and lush. Let's start with the guest tables. If you're latest obsession is Mongolia Home and you want to be the ultimate rustic bride ditch the traditional banquet tables and instead go with long wooden farm tables. The wood will warm up your reception space and give it that natural and rustic feel and the best part is you won't need linens! I mean with wood that beautiful why cover it? But if you're more of a garden princess then a Johanna Gaines you can go with an elegant and sleek table linen. Stick with creams, whites and nude tones to make your green floral elements pop and once again keep with the natural theme. Feeling fancy? Go with a satin or lemur fabric. Want your reception to feel more airy rather than elegant? Stick with a polyester or cotton linen.

The Final Touches: Back Drops & Ceiling Decor

When designing a space with clients backdrops and ceiling draping and installations are always my favorite aspects! Nothing transforms a space like a visually stunning ceiling or a really awesome backdrop as a focal point. Let's start with backdrops! One of the favorite trends this past year has been living green walls. They are visually beautiful, super trendy and the perfect touch for that indoor-outdoor feel. I mean what says garden like an 8ft tall wall of greenery? And where to put this awesome statement piece? Well, the answer is really anywhere! My go to places are behind your sweetheart table, but if you want your guests to have access to it try putting it somewhere in your reception space, like by the entry or in a hallway that needs an extra pop. Your guests will love taking photos in front of it... I mean come on everyone loves a good Instagram background with a clever wedding hashtag. You can keep the wall super lush and green with hanging ferns and leaves or if you want to add an elegant touch try framing it with a pipe and drape or adding a beautiful crystal chandelier in the center. The clash of rustic and elegance will truly make your wall a stand out piece in your reception. If you're not loving all the green you could go with a flower wall. Whether it's paper, artificial or fresh flowers the wall will defiantly bring that garden feel.

Ceiling Designs and Floral Installations:

Well not that we have the ground level of your reception covered time to move upwards...literally I mean the ceiling. When thinking about the ceiling lean more towards hanging florals versus draping to truly bring that indoor-outdoor feel to life. Hanging florals like wisteria will lighten up any ballroom or space and give you a romantic and whimsical vide. If you're partial to traditional draping try to incorporate greenery. Adding hanging greenery to the tops and sides of pipe and drape will totally transform the feel. If you love the idea of hanging lights you can opt for hanging lanterns or bistro lights to give the space a more rustic and natural feel well still adding romantic ceiling lighting. How gorgeous would those lanterns look once you turn the light

Remember any space is really just a blank canvas. With the right decor and style elects even a banquet hall can feel like a garden paradise. Hope you're feeling inspired. I need to go change my Hinge location to London and start looking up tiara designer...hey don't give up before the miracle I'm I right?... Until next time.

-Xx A

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