Meet Alana, Our Director Of Events


Meet Alana

Hello everyone! My name is Alana and I am the Creative Director and Owner of Bella’s Event Planning. As the creative director I am here guide you through the event planning process and help you create a vision and style for next event! I can truly say I have a passion for everything event related. Whether it be designing centerpieces, styling décor or planning the logistics I really do love it all!

Before taking over as the new owner of Bella’s Event Planning in 2016 I ran RE Wedding Planning and graduated from Boston University with a Bachelors degree in Public Relations with Minors in Marketing and Large Scale Event Planning. During my time in Boston I worked for Harvard Medical School’s Special Event Department. This is when I found my talent and passion for special events! From that point on I focused building my own event planning company and expanding my knowledge of everything and anything event planning related. When the opportunity to take over Bella’s Event Planning came about it truly was a dream come true and a perfect fit for me! Everyday at the office and with my team is joy. I have built a team of passionate professionals that I am honored to work with and know will the deliver the best quality of service to all our clients.

When I’m not busy meeting with clients in the office or setting up events with my team you can find me hanging out at my house in East Utica or enjoying some dinner with friends…and of course doing a little shopping. I consider myself incredibly lucky to have found my dream job and I can’t wait to share my passion and work with you!
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Meet The Team

Bella's Candid Group Picture — Event Planning in Whitesboro, NY
Bella's Group Picture — Event Planning in Whitesboro, NY
Vanessa Ambrose — Events in Whitesboro, NY

Meet Jodi

Jodi is Bella’s full time office manager and the one keeping the operation together behind the scenes! Her days are spent at the Bella’s office meeting with clients, scheduling our set ups, answering inquires and much much more! But don’t be surprised if you see her every now and then at venues making centerpieces and fluffing linens. Jodi has a passion for parties and it shows! Clients love working with her to perfect their day of timelines and bounce ideas off her. Weather it be centerpieces and linen colors or vendor recommendations clients know they can trust Jodi’s options and recommendations. When Jodi’s not at the office you can find her spending time with her husband and two sons and huge extended family or grabbing lunch with her girlfriends. Jodi is an amazing asset to the Bella’s team and she’ll be an even more amazing asset to your next event!
Alexa Conley — Events in Whitesboro, NY

Meet Kelhi

Kelhi is our queen of draping! With over 30 years of experience Kelhi’s skills are truly unmatched! Kelhi is the one at venues early in the morning or late at night transforming venue ceilings into works of art. If you can dream it Kelhi can create it! Kelhi’s love and creativity can be seen in everyone of her designs. She always goes the extra mile to make sure every ceiling, backdrop, and archway is one of a kind and personalized. When Kelhi isn’t up on the ladder you find her spending time with husband, kids or grandkids or lounging on the beach in Florida. We can always count on Kelhi to bring snacks to event set ups and keep us laughing while we work. We love working with Kelhi and know you will to!
Santina Bonacci — Event Planning in Whitesboro, NY

Meet Santina

Santina has been with the Bella’s team since 2009. You can always find her at venues bright and early with our set up team tying sashes and perfecting table settings. You may even occasionally see her at Churches assisting Alana and Jodi get the bridal party down the aisle. Santina loves to organize! She’s always making sure everything is perfect and ready to go for our very special clients. She’s also our go to for snapping a few pictures of our events for our Facebook page when were done setting up! Santina is always making us laugh! Her bubbly personality makes her a perfect fit for the Bella’s team. When she’s not working with the Bella’s team you can find her watching her favorite Harry Potter movies or studying up at Utica College for her Master’s degree in Accounting! We love having her as a member of the team and so will you!
Jamie — Event Planning in Whitesboro, NY

Meet Jamie

Jaime does it all at Bella’s! Whether its early morning set ups or helping us load up at the office Jaime is always the first one to dive in and take charge. She has an amazing eye for detail and always know just how to stage a candy bar or sweetheart table. You can tell Jaime truly cares about every event she assists with. Jaime is definitely the firecracker on the Bella’s team! She’s always making us laugh and smile with her jokes and stories. Jaime makes every job fun and is a perfect fit for the Bella’s team. When Jaime isn’t tying sashes you can find her at her job at the American Heart Association planning amazing fundraising event or working out at OB Fitness! We are so lucky to have Jaime on the Bella’s team you’ll be to!
Barb — Events in Whitesboro, NY

Meet Barb

Barb is our queen of sashes! Barb’s eye for detail and design is second to none. She is truly talented when it comes to event design. In fact, she even created Bella’s signature double bow! You can find Barb at venues tying perfect bows, staging specialty tables, and making sure everything is absolutely perfect. You can also find Barb at the Bella’s office helping us design centerpiece and stage the showroom for our brides. Barb truly is a joy to work with and makes us all feel like one big family. When Barb isn’t helping us perfect event set ups you can find her spending time with her husband, daughters and son, hanging out with her many girlfriends, or enjoying the beaches of Florida! We truly value Barb’s professional option and so will you!
Vanessa — Events in Whitesboro, NY

Meet Vanessa

Vanessa is one of our newer Bella Dolls, but you would never know it! She’s a pro at event set ups and always has amazing suggestions. You can tell Vanessa has a passion for details, design and décor. Vanessa is also part of our inventory team! She knows the Bella’s inventory like the back of her hand and is great at pulling and prepping for upcoming events. Vanessa truly is a sweetheart and cares about each event and member of the Bella’s team. When she’s not busy with the Bella’s team you can find her spending time with her friends and family or working at Hobby Lobby! We know you’ll love Vanessa just as much as we do!
Joya — Events in Whitesboro, NY

Meet Joya

Joya started as our Bella’s office intern, but we liked her so much we quickly promoted her to one of our Bella’s Dolls! Joya is positive, detailed ordinated and always ready to work a wedding or event set up! She’s quickly become one of our weekend regulars and is a pro at chair covers. When Joya isn’t working with the Bella’s team you can find her at Utica College working on her degree in Public Relations, spending time with her friends or taking fabulous vacations with her family. Joya is the perfect addition to the Bella’s team and we love having her!
Brenna— Events in Whitesboro, NY

Meet Brenna

Like Vanessa and Joya, Brenna is also one of our newest Bella’s Dolls! Brenna is a great addition to the Bella’s team and like Joya has turned into one of our weekend regulars! You can find her at venues assisting Alana and our senior event staff with everything from chair covers and sashes to finalizing room set ups. Brenna is always ready to work and has been an amazing addition to the Bella’s team. When she isn’t working with Bella’s you can find her at Utica College working on her nursing degree or spending time with her friends! We think Brenna is a great asset to Bella’s and so will you!